The idea of creating something bespoke for the person you love can be very overwhelming and when it comes to diamonds it is likely you might feel totally out of your depth. That is where Emily comes in, she will help to break it down for you, give you a thorough understanding of what you should be looking for and hopefully make you feel totally at ease so you can really enjoy the process.

First things first get in touch with Emily to discuss your initial ideas. Once you have taken the leap anything is possible, and she can start creating something really exciting. It is worth noting that unlike some designers Emily always works to your budget so from the start there are no hidden surprises in terms of cost along the way.

Emily works closely from start to finish with her workshop in India to achieve your dream design. After consolidating both your initial ideas a 3-dimensional CAD design is drawn up and a quote for the best gemstones and diamonds her workshop can source is sent to you. This is where the magic begins.

Emily is a qualified gemmologist with The Gemmological Association of Great Britain and uses GIA certified Diamonds and the best quality precious gemstones her workshop can source. Please note if you are after a more unusual or coloured gemstone sometimes it can take slightly longer to find but anything is possible. When it comes to remodelling a piece or using gemstones from a family heirloom, she uses her workshop in the UK, so you never need to worry about your gemstones leaving the country.

The whole process can take anything between 4-8 weeks depending on what you are looking for so if you have an idea for something special please email Emily at or call her on                +44 (0)7525451753. 

If you would prefer to book an appointment with Emily please confirm when you get in touch.

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting task but Emily made it simple and enjoyable. She was professional throughout the whole process, listening to my requests as well as offering her own ideas. I, and most importantly my wife to be(!) couldn't be more chuffed with the end result!

— Henry Passmore & Clare Powell-Tuck
Customer Reviews

"Emily was instrumental in helping to design the perfect engagement ring for me and my fiancé.  The ring was from my Mum’s family and Emily really understood the journey and importance of keeping the authenticity whilst also modernising and bringing out the magic in the diamonds. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a bespoke engagement ring."

— James Reiss
Customer Reviews

"Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world this weekend. The ring you have made for me is completely perfect and so beautiful. The setting is stunning and the Sapphire is such a unique pale blue. You are very talented and we wanted to thank you so much."

— Emily Knight & Rory Catchpole